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Have you seen ads for supplements, workout routines or ‘simple tricks’ that guarantee you a well-toned abdominal six pack? They’re lying. Medically speaking, this is simply not possible. A lot of people are flat out unable to naturally develop six packs or visibly toned muscle structure in certain places, no matter how many supplements they take or how many tailored workout regimes they try. Their inherent muscle structure and adipose tissue arrangements just don’t allow it.

Is Abdominal Etching Right For You?

  • If you’ve stopped seeing gains from working out but would still like better muscle definition.
  • If you’ve lost a lot of weight but just can’t seem to shake off the belly flab, various body toning procedure can finish the job. 
  • If you’re in good health and want an athletic look to reflect it, abdominal etching can make it happen.

Without a consultation session, it’s not possible for us to say with certainty that abdominal etching is right for you. But generally, if you’re looking for better muscle definition and exercise can’t make it happen, it’s a great choice. In our experience, many patients tend to underestimate what it can do and end up being very pleasantly surprised.

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