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Blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery is one of the most common facial procedures and can take years off your face. The surgery removes the excess fat or excess skin from the eye region and can be performed on the upper or lower area of the eye or both. Blepharoplasty gets rid of droopiness above or below the eye and can give you a more youthful look and improve eye comfort. The surgery results in a more open eye, rather than the tried look with droopy bags and saggy eyelids closing your eye shape and hiding your lashes. 

Am I eligible for eyelid surgery?

 Like any surgery you would need to discuss it with your doctor or medical professional to ensure the surgery is right for you, as safety is always the priority. To give you a general idea if you are experiencing droopiness around the eye region and you are in good health then why not book a consultation with the team at Australian Cosmetic Clinics. 

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