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Arm reduction surgery, also known as brachioplasty or arm lift, can fix any issues with ‘bat wings’, ‘arm flaps’ or other excess skin and fatty deposit issues that affect the area. While there are no known health impacts associated with these flaps, people who suffer from them generally experience feelings of self-consciousness and embarrassment, and often prefer to avoid short sleeves entirely.

If you’re in this situation, it’s important to remember three things.

  1. You’re not alone. It’s a far more common problem than most people realise and you should try not to let it affect you. Unfortunately, this is obviously easier said than done. Most sufferers report a loss of self-confidence, so don’t panic if that sounds like you – it’s a very normal side effect.
  2. There’s no single clear cause, and you probably couldn’t have avoided it. Experiencing rapid weight loss, or just natural aging can result in excess skin deposits anywhere on the body, including the arms.
  3. Surgery is guaranteed to fix it, but should be considered the last option. Your arm flaps aren’t going anywhere – in fact, that’s the core of the problem – so you should never feel pressured or rushed into brachioplasty. When other options have failed and your arms are still loose, flabby or disproportionately sized, then you should consider surgical options.

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