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A breast lift, also known as ‘Mastopexy’, is a surgical procedure designed to lift, rejuvenate and reshape the breasts.

Mastopexy in particular is about removing excess skin, adjusting the nipples and areolas, and reshaping the chest physique for better projection and a new look. This is an extremely popular procedure due to how common it is for breasts to suffer disproportionate aging effects.

Is Mastopexy The Right Choice For You?

 If you can relate to any of the following, there’s a good chance that breast lifting can help you too.

  • Did your breasts never return to normal following childbirth or breastfeeding? This is an extremely common situation, and it’s normal for people to decide that they’d like to restore their breasts once they’ve finished having children.
  • Are you bothered by a drooping bust? Many women agree that sagging breasts are uncomfortable, unattractive and inconvenient. Research supports this, and shows that such situations can lead to back pain, posture issues and a variety of ongoing health issues. As such, many mastopexy patients choose to have the operation not for cosmetic reasons, but because it’s the best option for long-term health, where aesthetic benefits are just one of several happy effects.
  • Do your nipples and areolas point downwards? This is a frequent consequence of aging, and a number of women decide to fix this issue alongside the other rejuvenating benefits of mastopexy.
  • Are you experiencing lack of substance or firmness in your breasts? As a consequence of aging, genetics or both, this is another extremely common issue, and one that breast lifts are chiefly designed to solve.
  • Do you suffer from non-symmetrical breasts? This can occur to different extents over time, and in extreme cases can cause an array of long-term health issues. If each of your breasts is noticeably different in terms of size, firmness or feeling, we recommend you come in for a consultation to assess whether or not it might lead to health issues.

If you’re at all unhappy with the appearance or healthiness of your breasts, we’d love for you to come in and have an obligation free consultation information session. Breast lifts are particularly simple and easy operations, so there’s no need to suffer bust-related health issues or self-consciousness a moment longer than you have to.

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